Herbal Tea

Ayush Kwath Dip Tea

Ayush Kwath is product suggested by AYUSH Ministry. This is a product to enhance your immunity. This is a combination of four medicinal herbs - Basil Leaves (Tulsi), Cinnamon bark (Dalchini), Zingiber officinale (Sunthi), and Krishna Marich (Piper nigrum),  for individual who wnat to improve immunity for overall wellness. Ayush Kwath tea offers a delicious way to support the immune system. 

How to use

STEP 1: Boil water. ...
STEP 2: Warm up tea cup ...
STEP 3: Put Ayush Kwath dip tea pouch into tea cup 
STEP 4: Allow to extract for 2 to 5 minute from tea pouch
STEP 5: Ready to drink.

For your better taste: Consumed without milk. Add with Honey, Jaggery, Stevia or Sweetener (Your like).


-Ayush Kwath Tea has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties which help to fight infections.
-Strengthens immunity system.
-Help treat the respiratory illness.
-Good for Sore throat.


100% Natural Tulsi, Ginger, Dalchini & Krishna Marich


2gm each pouch


30 pouch per box