Herbal Tea

Organic Immuno Dot Dip Tea

Immuno Dot Tea is a fresh brew tea blends are for individuals who want to improve their general health naturally and boosting the immune system. A Bland of Tulsi which help you to reliable suffering from a cold or cough, Ginger helps boost the immune system and home remedy for morning sickness or any other nausea, Cinnamon offer various health benefits, including aiding weight loss, improving heart health, reducing inflammation and blood sugar level, Black pepper contains piperine, which is a helps in the absorption of nutrients in the body, reducing joint stiffness, and strengthens our immunity system. 

How to use

STEP 1: Boil water...
STEP 2: Warm up tea cup ...
STEP 3: Put immuno dot dip tea pouch into tea cup 
STEP 4: Allow to extract for 2 to 5 minute from tea pouch
STEP 5: Ready to drink.


- Helps your body metabolize proteins and carbohydrates.
- Best remedy for cold, cough and sore throat.
- Strengthens immunity system.
- Helps to lose body fat.
- Help in managing obesity.


100% Organic Tulsi, Ginger, Cinnamon and Black Pepper


2gm each pouch


30 pouch per box